Thursday, April 15, 2010


Havent posted in a long while. but just so you know, im still alive. I'm a lone wolf now, bwahahaha. i kinda like that idea.

But heres my car. still gotta get the kit painted and get it running right and tuned..


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You there?

ok, i need to get back on the ball of posting. nothings really happened much lately. just scrambling to finish up my RB swap, picked up a GT2535r HKS turbo, 550cc injectors, stg3 clutch and 13lb flywheel, and Power FC. now i just need to sell my BMW 2k2 and buy oil pump, and other various items. im still here lol.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It Takes Money, Money

Cash Money, Money.

Check it out.

Remember those Equips I said Justin Was getting?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Remember that progress I was talking about?

Well, heres a teaser. I'll get back to this when I'm not so tired.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

1998 Honda Civic Type R FOR SALE!

My friend just got a CTR.
Fresh off the Boat,
and its up for sale!
Its as fresh as you are not!
Car Is Located in Atlanta Georgia
Here's the Skinny

From Bryant

" Okie dokie.

I'm selling my 1998 Honda Civic Type R.

It rules and it's better than your 240.

NO title but does include deregistration paperwork so you won't have have a problem getting one.

The exterior is minty fresh. The only major blemish is a small scuff near the rear of the passenger side skirt. The rest of the car looks great and has all original paint and body panels.

Interior is in very good shape. There's a little bit of wear on one bolster on the driver's seat but it looks like it will clean up. Everything else is in very nice shape. No headunit.

Completely stock other than a sweetass JDM axleback exhaust. Has no problems and everything works like it should.

This car has no airbags and roll up windows, the lightest CTR ever made.

$12K. I might have a little room to negotiate but not much. This is a deal considering the last two I've owned, I sold for 17kish.

Located in Atlanta. Free delivery within 100 miles or I'll pay for your plane ticket to come pick it up.

Want it? Call me, 404 754 0970.

Don't bother coming to look at it unless you can prove you can pay for it. No test drives and no time wasters."

You want to own a legit CTR as a Daily or something? Give this man a call!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Justin's 09 Teaser.

Just a teaser of Justin's S14, It rocks an RB25, Origin Stylish Fronts, VS Type I sides and rear, 20mm front fenders. Right now he just has some spare Meisters Chillen on there as Shop wheels *yawn*. Work Equips are the wheels of choice. 18x10 +5 up front, and 18x12 +0's for the rear are on there way to the house.

In Justins words, "Dont Worry, 50mm rear fenders are on the way so I can properly rock the 12's lol."

Its Still waiting on parts and Definitely not done yet, and is currently Boro Boro Status at about 9 different colors.

Soon enough though, nice paint will be thrown on to finish it up. Just hold tight, this will be the car in 09!


Oh.. PS....

Justins Daily...

We Are...

Sovereign Aces. We hail from Atlanta. I guess you could call us a group of elitists that have nothing but high expectations and a dull sense of humor. Drifting is the Game, Sovereign is the describing name. Soon to be classified as Assholes by some, saints by others... 09 will be the maiden year for this group, and i hope that the group blossoms, and actually Flourishes.

Invite only? Yes.

Assholes? No. Only perceived as such by ones who are either jealous or idiots.

East Coast? Yes.

Is Shit about to get real? Oh yes.

sovereign (sävrən)


1. above or superior to all others; chief; greatest; supreme



1. an expert in a given field.

Once again, Big expectations for 09.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Remeniscing about the Past....

Well its been about 6 months since i got rid of her and I really miss her. It was the Hottest Pignose around and I had big plans for her, but I just had to let her go. Just So you know, I do have an RB25, and i was going to drop that into this car, but plans changed so I kept the RB and sold her.

All it was was pretty much a stock Pignose, Footwerks Coilovers, Crazy pull on the front and rear, and Some SSR Vienna Kreis' 18x9J +24 Front, 18x9.5J +18 rear, effectively spaced out to -1 front, -2 rear. (25mm F, 20mm R spacers)

Hopefully shes doing someone else good now...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Color Scheme goes out to....

This baby... Spirant 180sx.. I've loved this particular car for i dont know how long, and now it reserves itself as the reason for the colors of my blog. Haha..